How it works

This kit comes with everything you need to make a 25-30cm winking fox

apart from 3 x 38 star needles, the three in-a-line tool and needle pad which you can get here


The Kit contains around 300gms Carded and Natural Wool in Fox, Ocre,white, brown, black, charcoal, Angelina, Wire, 3 reverse needles and pipe cleaners.


This Fox 'Stab-a-Long' has ongoing support through the group Em's Fluff Stabbers and Stab the Fluff on Facebook


In this tutorial you will learn

Sculptural tecniques

Composite armature making

Encourage personal exploration with optional butterfly wings or just a butterfly or neither

Reverse needle felting techniques 

Blending for realistic pelt making

Creating character in your work.


Stab a Long Support

Online support from me on the Facebook group Em's Fluff Stabbers.

What is a Stab a long?

They work like this...

Each stab a long assumes no previous knowledge of needle felting unless otherwise stated.

You either download a digital file compatible most operating systems that contains the links to the videos or you join my group Em's Fluff Stabbers on Facebook.

All new stab a longs are announced in group and members get first dibs at the new tutorial. When a new one is announced you are given a date to order by so you can be there at the beginning with your kit in hand following along as the lessons are published. Each couple of days or so a new video is posted and is a walk through with everything you need to do for that bit. As we go you can ask for advice within the group and from me....we have a strong ethic of education and no self denigration and constructive critique if required to support and encourage your creative endeavours.

My aim is to enable people do things they thought they never could and as a launching platform to find their own ability and style.


Winking Fox Kit

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