Make a hare
(small 20 to 25 cm or large 30 -35cm) 
Trust me You've got this! Even if you are a beginner bigger is easier!....All stab a longs assume no previous knowlege and although it may look ambitious you can do this...if you don't believe me click on the link bellow and check out other students work in our group!
In the Kit you will find all materials you need to make you hare
Free Tutorial Video Links
and Free Support in our Facebook Group Em's Fluff Stabbers and Stab the Fluff.
The only things not included in the kit are tools and needles click here for 38 Star needles and The Three-in-Line tool used for my sculpting techniques.
Online support is freely given in group by me and others and all are very welcome.
All stab a longs assume no previous knowledge. 
My aim is to increase your skill to enable you to do things you never thought you could and to create a launching platform to find your own style.

Hare/Jackalope Kit

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