The tutorial is live 28 videos are up there at the mo more coming on all the time there are over 40 in this one. Each one is between 2 and 10 mins long- no/very little waffling was done! 
Because of the level of detail it's a masterclass with over 40 videos. 
I'm asking £10 for this one, £5 if you are unwaged please use the coupon box. 
Equipment, ingredients list and video tutorial links for the grey kangaroo
Detailed Master Class 
If you are unwaged use coupon '5' to get £5 off the price,
You will learn

  • Sculpting
  • Proportion
  • Composite Armature Structure
  • Building up quickly
  • How to block out colour on your sculpture
  • How to make hands and feet and claws
  • How to correct mistakes
  • How to pose your creation and create a sense of life

If you go on to buy the kits please let me know in the comments Box at checkout that you have bought a download and I will refund you the tutorial cost.NB. as of 6th April 28 videos are already live - the rest will be up in the next couple of days.
Kangaroo Masterclass Tutorial Only
£10.00 of £5.00 unwaged

Kangaroo Masterclass Tutorial Only


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