the new stab a long is ready to pre order.
(See bellow for what Stab a long means)means!) 
The test team are doing their final tweeks so it is now available to pre order for delivery from 1st September hoorah! 
This is a skill builder so you you will be ready for your opus of the Phoenix in January 🙂 

Skills taught:-

Needle Felting - basics, building layers, shaping, manipulating fibre for effect.
Wet felting - Mixing other fibres in with pre felt, making dreads.
Optional embroidery, mixed media and fibre art techniques, design and application suggestions
Design process and how to approach it step by step - ideas, development, to final design.
Bonus tutorials - hedgehog pin cushion, mini mouse and acorn.

Using a variety of fibres (not all of which are shown in the pieces bellow) and techniques to make your own individually styled mask. I will walk you through that process, from idea to completion. 

You can either choose to just follow my design (main kit) or add another (Freestyle kit) based around a randomly chosen template and freestyle to push your skills and ideas further. You’ll get extra tips and videos if you choose this option.

Cost £35 for the Greenman kit - includes mask and leaves templates, soap and bubble wrap for the wet felting bit (If you prefer you can needle felt it it just takes a lot longer) backing mask, hand dyed Prefelt, 14 different kinds of wool and fibres to experiment with including various merino mixes, Ramie fibre, dyed natural fleece and curls, space dyed wool and slivers. Beads.
All online lessons, and support in Em’s Fluff Stabbers Facebook Group.

Buy both the Main Kit and the Freestyle and pay only £25 for the second one.

Single needlefelting tool Mini water bowser so you can put the water exactly where you want it and dedicated thinner working pad (for sticking over your regular pad so you can leave it on without disturbing the fibres) special buy of £16 plus three 38* needles!

You will need scissors, pins and fabric glue.

We will be dyeing enormous vats of wool over the coming week or two and will be shipping out on the 1st of September for 1st mini ‘rooms’ tutorial on the morning of the 6th. 

Overseas orders will go out as soon as possible to aim to be in time for kick off on the 6th.

** what the heck is a ‘stab a long’??**
You order a kit, I make them up and film the bite sized tutorials. You get the link for the bite sized tutorial walk through videos (that you can screen shot pause and rewind at your leisure) and all templates and materials you need in your kit, join Em’s fluff Stabbers on face book, your kit arrives and we all stab a long together, support each other an egg each other on, each week throughout September there will be a weekly messenger rooms video chat with me to do mini tutorials and you will have free access to this if you have bought the kit. Any questions pm me.

Greenman Mask Kit and Video Tutorial

Kit Options (scroll drop down)
  • You will need 38 * needles and some fabric glue

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