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There are great plans afoot for Stab the Fluff in the coming year :-) Although I have this ridiculous condition (ME/CFS) I will find away around it through it under it and over it, as I know many of you do too. To be honest many of you are my inspiration as I know how much people get out of Needle Felting. So in the process of learning how to manage my condition with compassion but also not giving up work entirely I need to start by doing 'rationalisation for effective work practice' ;-) so I can give myself some slack and then hopefully to get better.... So I want to go more online based. Write a book Do more Master Classes on line. To this end there will be a specials Market Day every Tuesday evening that way things can be with you for the weekend - You'll be able to order all the time but it will only go out on a Wednesday Morning - our post office is a 11 mile round trip i need say no more! At this point I have to say 'Big up for the Stab the Fluff Elves' who often have to make this happen, without them I would be totally sunk so again to that end it makes sense to do it that way. I will only be doing Kits and Tools soon after my sale because space is now at a premium and they are easy to store. The next great thing to come out of not being able to flash about so much is that I will be offering bookable slots for questions and tutorials via Skype so we can have effective one to ones for technical and inspiration support without boarders or time zones getting in the way of fluff education ;-) I have also started writing a book which i am when i have the energy a bit obsessed by. The festival circuit will go ahead as usual and I will be posting about that soon too as some of you might like to come on the road with us. So lots of exciting change ahead keep checking in or subscribe to the blog or news letter in fact click on anything you can to say you like it or leave a review on the stab a longs or all helps. Thanks xxx :-) #needlefelting #craftastherapy #reframing #organiseyourself#worksmarternotharder #emfountainfelts #stabthefluff #MErecovery#CFS #needlefeltingblog #needlefeltingbook #needlefeltingclaases#needlefeltingonline

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