Ooooooh it's Sale Time :-) Nooooo it's Tax time :-(

Why can't I be one of those organised beings who gets it done as they go????

I have done some work towards it but there were so many other things to do including getting some stuff up for the sale, answering emails and things on Em's Fluff Stabbers and dealing with everyday stuff that we all have to do ...... not all of it involved watching a 'New life in the sun' (oh good grief what I would give to be warm) or what I really wanted to do all day was crocheting my Hygge, Scheepjes Shawl not all of it total procrastination just some the trouble is a the great Liza Tarbuck book says I am distracted by Everything.

After packing this morning Ted really needed a walk as he was getting quite giddy playing with the fluff, whilst Felix just wanted to go to sleep in it and poor Casper went to ground in the back of a cupboard in the workshop and hasn't been seen since... Eventually I did manage to pack some fluff, eat, take Ted out for our mini walk, and then I GOT ON WITH IT! But even then I could only manage around 2 hours before my head turned to mush.

If only I was a more routine person things would be different I tell myself, i would be organised, things would be colour coded and put away and not look like someone had a fight with a sheep on acid and lost.

Every year I start with good intentions and every year it's the same right up to the deadline usually. I am a 'stick' not a 'carrot' person. Another way of looking at this is that I just like adrenaline far too much. I often say I long for routine and a bit of boring but that is just a lie..I would die (not to be dramatic or anything you understand ;-) ) but I just couldn't hack it all of the time. But maybe it's time to start liking routine a bit more to create some space for it and hopefully a bit more calm.

I am in the process of being more organised and reducing chaos slowly. As my friend Keith says I am progressing on a broad front...this means only I can see the change alot of the time, but it is happening. I am concentrating on being more practical ie making sure things are put away, jobs are finished before new ones started, receipts filed on the spot and mileage kept etc.

Due to the restrictions of living and working with ME/CFS I am having to downsize, and learn the 'way of the Tortoise' and calm must be embraced for this to happen. I could see this as a restriction but I choose to see it as a liberation, I will not be governed by mountains of fluff every where I look

(I will be adding more to the sale tomorrow) I will have neatly packed kits instead, Tax will be filed well on time and that sheep on acid look that my house currently sports can go do one... I will go more digital so that i can work in bite sized chunks not huge, too much to handle chunks - I'm really looking forward to being able to offer Skype tutorials doing one to ones and offering creative coaching. I'm looking forward to getting on with the book idea and also the next stab a long which will be some sort of highland cow. I am looking forward to all this but all these things take time and are having to be done more slowly now and that's OK coz as I said the way of the tortoise is the future.......But for now it's on with the tax and the sale of fluff and a little more organisation. And a lovely picture of the sunset the other night

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