Fluff Stabbing can save your life..No, Honestly!

Morning fellow fluff stabbers... Fluff stabbing can save your life!....no honestly! I'd like to share this article about why craft is so important. Something I feel very passionate about. Making provides us with more than just 'stuff'. It provides us with a sense of calm and tranquillity, of purpose, challenge and achievement, it is far far greater than the sum of all of its parts. Having worked in lots of places where people are mentally ill or have some sort of learning disability ( I worked first as an OT assistant in a psychiatric hospital, then as an artist in a all female secure unit in a psychiatric hospital and latterly teaching adults with learning disabilities and people with dementia) and about 10 years ago studying how we can use crafts holistically in a Waldorf/Steiner way, I have seen first hand what craft can do for our well being. Society seems to have forgotten that we evolved to 'do'. Making, doing something and moving all the time is the how we evolved to work but unfortunately that's not how our modern world needs us to work. As Stabthefluff grows and I meet more and more people from all walks of life (literally now thousands a year) and it strikes me more and more how important making is to people in our increasingly stressful world. I know a large proportion of you live with mental or physical health challenges and you know already know how important this stuff is but it's nice to be vindicated by a study :-) So you aren't just faffing with fluff when you needle felt you are looking after your mental health and therefore your physical health and self care is important for if we don't look after ourselves we'll end up with no where to live!


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