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Wooden Felting Needle Holder for 1 2 or 3 Needles
The Needles option is for three 38* needles
Quote from Linda on of the members of Em's Fluff Stabbers
'Never been keen on multi-needle tools - usually the needles are set too far apart for my liking - but - having watched Ems tutorials for the hare I thought they looked interesting. So a couple of days ago my 3-needle tools arrived - gave them a test run yesterday and Yes - love them :) Good to have the option of using 1, 2 or 3 needles and they take standard needles so I can use up the ones I have (once I've worn out/broken the ones that came with the tools). The needles sit side by side in a row so much more useful than those ones with needles in a circle - well for me anyway :) Additionally - with the longer handle it makes getting into those really tight spaces much easier. I usually use an American brand with moulded tops but am converted now. Not only are these great for getting into tight spaces but much cheaper than importing from the US! Thanks Em xx@

3 Needle Feeling Tool

Rupture de stock
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