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Design your own Otters recording and or kit

Kit - All materials to make a 50cm Otter on a mounting you provide

Video Tutorials plus Recordings of the zoom sessions

Private Facebook group

One to One Tutorial Support if wanted via video chat.

If you are providing your own materials please click pick up at the check out!

If you don’t I’ll refund you the postage!

NB. The live version has now ended but will be run again.

This course will run over 4 sessions online with private link to learning platform and private facebook group for discussion.

With a recording of all sessions plus the video tutorials you can work at your own pace.

Live option will be 1 to 1 to decided how to design your otter, a list of materials and equipment, live Zoom sessions (recording included) and video tutorials plus question and answer sessions in the Otter facebook group and back up one to ones. (See bellow for more details)

Recording only option will be the recordings of the zoom sessions and the video tutorials which you can access in the dedicated Otter Facebook group, questions and answers in the group, Pinterest board and a list of materials and equipment.

Sessions will be 10am 12th, 19th, 26th Jan and 2nd Feb, 2022

Please Click ‘Pick Up’ at checkout as there if there is no postage involved!

If you provide your own equipment and materials for either the live or recorded sessions you will be sent a list of materials and equipment needed.


If you are unable to attend the recordings of the live sessions will be added to the playlist for you to access at anytime.

Each live session will run for approx 2 hours

You will receive an introductory email with a list of course materials and equipment requirements and an invitation to the Facebook group.

Skills taught

full armature/composite armature in how to choose when and why

Poison and pose, scene setting

character building

Course Outline

Pre course: How to start designing and knowing when to stop!.

Session 1: Making the basics from concept to armature, and basic wrapping and sculpting, demonstration of claw making

Session 2: Feet and claws

Session 3: Putting it all together, demonstration and homework

Session 4: Finishing touches and embelishment.

Swimming Otter - Video Tutorial and materials list

SKU : Stf-oc-ro
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