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Rams Head Kit and Tutorial


How do I access it?

You will be sent the kit with an insert with all the info on it. In the mean time you can access the Facebook group by sending a request to join the group by clicking here.


What happens if I loose the email?

just get in touch and I will send you it again, no problem.


Suitable for improvers/advanced Needle Felters - preferabley have done a couple of my kits/tutorials


What will I learn?

You will learn to make a sheep‘s head and horns.

About proportionality and how measurements work

expression and positioning of eyes, horns etc. to create the look you want.

Blending of fibres

Mounting options (to avoid it looking like a trophy head) are discussed.

Private Facebook group to bounce ideas off eachother.

Become a member of the website and get access to the video tutorial (I'll have to add you please bear with me if you order after 5pm.

Sheep’s Head

SKU : Stf-srh
  • Itinerary 

    Video Tutorial one - Making the basic shape.

    First session (zoom recording) - Making the face and eyes.

    Pre second session tutorial - wrapping the horns

    Second Session (zoom recording) - shaping the horns

    Pre session video tutorial on markings on the horn

    Third session (zoom recording) - Ears and finishing off


    Equipment List

    Wire Cutters 

    38* needles and 40s (for the eyes)

    A three inline tool or similar (available from wingham wool works in the UK)

    Needle Felting Pad or Wool block to protect yourself and your surfaces plus wire cutters

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