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his is free with the kit, but if you buy it as a download you are helping me continue to produce and develop more stab a longs and spread the love of felting in the world! If you want to read more about my ethos of fluff stabbing please head over to FAQ section of the website, it’s amazing stuff it changes people's lives ..honest..quite literally, your buying this helps someone else not just yourself, for that I thank you xx

You will find all materials needed included in the pack except the regular 38 star needles, handle and foam pad. These are also available to buy on the website.

I ask respectfully that you do not distribute these links, this is my livelihood and something that has taken 30 years as a professional artist and tutor to hone.

I also ask that you do not replicate the kit or produce it for sale, and on completion of the kit, sell the finished piece as your own work. Just the same as if you had made something using a commercial sewing or knitting pattern. It is however OK to sell it stating that it is made using a kit. This applies to all kits not just mine! Credit where credit is due. 

Reindeer Tutorial

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