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Partridge in a Pear Tree Tutorial  Only


See stash list bellow for a list of materials needed and if it will just be easier to buy the kit!


How do I access it?

You will be sent and instant email on purchase with links etc in it,  although I do advise you to download it after payment from the checkout page - that way you know where it has gone and that you have it!


What happens if I loose the email?

just get in touch and I will send you it again, no problem.


Suitable for Beginner improvers/Improver Intermediate Needle Felters - preferabley have done one of my kits/tutorials


What will I learn?

You will learn to make an outline and releif work

Marking out


Painting with Fibre

Blending Fibre

Wire Wrapping

basic Wet Felting

Finishing off your work well to a profesional standard


You also get acess to the facebook group to share ideas and qustions


See info section for more details and Stash list




Partridge in a Pear Tree Video Tutorial

SKU : stf-piapt
  • There are 29 Bite Sized Video Tutorials

    Equipment List

    Sharp Scissors for paper and wool

    Wire Cutters 

    38*and 40 Needle Felting needles

    Fineline marker either invisible fabric or sharpie type


    Tape measure

    A three inline tool or similar (available from wingham wool works in the UK)

    Needle Felting Pad or Wool block to protect yourself and your surfaces plus wire cutters 

    Old towel and something to protect your table from water for wet felting


    50gms Mid Brown

    20gms Pear Green

    20gms Pear Leaf Green

    20gms/30cm Square White Batting

    2gms Mustard Yellow

    2gms Dark Fawn

    5gms Sky Blue

    5gms Rowan Brown

    2gms Darkest Brown

    2gms Black

    2gms Lightest Grey

    2gms Mid Grey

    2gms Yellow

    2gms Orange

    2gms Pink Red

    Pinch of angelina fibre


    5m x 1.5mm  Galvanised Wire 

    15 pipe cleaners

    2 x 24/22 gauge paper wrapped stem wires

    2 x 30cm sq or A4 Bubble wrap

    1 Dspn of 100% pure soap flakes or grated

    Template (see attached image)


    2m wire LED lights

    A few dried cloves for the pear bottoms and stalks

    Fabric Glue/Super Glue



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