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All Tutorials are via YouTube unlisted link. Each video is a walk through to help you at each step achieve fabulous results. If you get stuck for any reason there is always group support through Ems Fluff Stabbers Facebook group. There are no written instructions as there is far too much information to give you!You need 200gms of the base colour for the small hare..300gms for the large. You will also need up to 20 to 30gms each of  darker brown lighter brown, fawn, grey white, natural white and black. A pinch of black and about of orange.1.6mm or 1.5mm Galvanised Wire, pipe cleaners.I recommend you use thee three inline tool available in the tools section of this website for the techniques I use for sculpting as it tightens your will and acts like a chisel does. I use 38* needles most of the time. If you go on to purchase the kit I refund the cost of the tutorial you already bought.

Hare/Jackalope Tutorial

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