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Kit comes with everything apart from tools - 3 inline tool is reccomended as are 38* needles available in the tools section of the website

The Large Kangaroo stands 35cm (14inches) tall by 25cm (10 inches) wide.

Kit Contains

300gms of core wool, plus selection of light grey, grey/brown, darker grey brown, mid brown, darkest brown charcoal black, black and dark and light fawns, angelina fibre, galvanised wire and chenille sticks and silk clay and firm pipe cleaners. Approx 25 x 5 min walk through video tutorials.

Suitable for adventurous beginners! I will walk you through every step of the way.

There is support in Facebook Group Em's Fluff Stabbers so you are not alone, YOU'VE GOT THIS trust me I know!!

You will learn how to quickly build up your structure, create a body work with composit armaitures, explore different fibres, blend fibres, create character. make feet and hands create life in your work find out why big is easier than smallHow it worksBuy the kit with and get the video tutorial playlist and support free in face book group Em's Fluff Stabbers

Kangaroo kit and tutorial

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