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Download the document when you get the email as the link for the document in the email only lasts 30days.

Thank You for downloading the links for this tutorial, you are helping me continue to produce and develop more stab a longs and spread the love of felting in the world! If you want to read more about my ethos of fluff stabbing please head over to the website to the about page, it’s amazing stuff it changes people's lives ..honest..quite literally, your buying this helps someone else not just yourself, for that I thank you xx


Support for all the tutorials is on going in the facebook group Em's Fluff Stabbers


These are the tutorial links for the Beginners Squirrel Stab a Long. Playlist. It will start on the 15th July 2018.



The technique I use for sculpting requires the needles to be in a row so i recommend the three needle tool on the website for that but it isn’t the end of the world if you don’t have one!

I do not recommend you use merino wool.


You will Need approximately


100gms white wool

80gms Squirrel coloured wool

20gms red/orange

1 m or there abouts 1.6mm Aluminium wire I think that is 14 gauge but check on google

Small amount of Dark Brown and Black and Grey Carded Slivers

10gms eachish of White and Brown Natural Herdwick dyed Green, Natural Manx Longthan or Failing the above get some dyed merino!

Dyed green or some Green dyed tops/roving for the grass

10gms Green Batting

Green Nepps and Slubs and Boucle Yarn or similar

Beginners Squirrel Video Tutorial and Materials list

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