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Beginners course. Aimed at absolute beginners, even people who have never picked up a needle and have absolutely no idea what this thing called fluff is!

Read on for how it works what you get in the kit etc.


So here is the new stab a long it will start on 15th July order by the 10th June to definitely get it on time especially if you live outside the UK.


How it works

You buy the kit which contains everything you need to make it bar the tool,needles and pad which are available to buy here on the website or as a kit option (You will also need pliers/wire cutters which you will need to source yourself) 

You get a free video tutorials which give you bite sized walk through videos of everything you need to know in order to complete the kit you will get an email with the link for the stab a long playlist by the start of the stab a long on15th July.


Support in Facebook group Em's Fluff Stabbers and advice which is available for free, just send us a request to join if you're not already a member.


Each kit comes with everything you need to complete it apart from the tools needles and long nosed pliers and wire cutters.

If you haven't bought a 3 needle tool from me now is the time to do it!


Beginners - Squirrel sat on A Mushroom with acorn and plinth with grass stones etc.

This is suitable for someone who has never ever picked up a needle. It will introduce you to the absolute basics.

Including Basic needle techniques, Armatures, different kinds of wool and fibre suitable for felt making, why some fibres work whilst others don't. This will teach you some Foundation skill sets. stands approximately 30cm tall and weighs around 160gms ish


Each kit contains all the wool, fibres, wire etc you need to complete the kit. All kits contain hand dyed fibres, Locally sourced wool, using 5 different breads of sheep's wool.


Beginners Squirrel Kit and Video Tutorial

SKU : Stf-sk
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