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Jack Frost Plaque - Mystery stab a long

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This is a Mystery Stab a Long. This means that you may have no idea of the design before you start and that it will evolve as you make it, either by following my design faithfully or by making your own design calls as you move through the tutorial. The kit can be ordered in the ‘Introduction’ section of the course from 7pm Mon 12th February Materials List Approximately 200gms of core wool - Corriedale or similar 100gms of basic light blue colour 40gms of a darker blue (not too dark) 1gm Eye colour 2gms Angelina Fibre Equipment 38 Star and Twisted Needles A ‘three needles in a line tool’ will be advantageous but not strictly necessary Sharpe scissors If you decide to wet felt (which is optional) then bubble wrap and 100% soap flakes What will I learn? A mix of techniques will be taught both needle and wet felting but you’ll pick what you want to do, you can make it purely felt or add mixed media, various options will be discussed throughout the tutorial as will mounting ideas. Questions can be posted online in the Stab the Fluff Facebook group or you can post them under the relevant section under the Youtube tutorial.

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