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Sea Bird Course

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Make a sitting Fulmar, Seagull, Eider duck or any other seabird (around min 25 cm) - using needle felting techniques, Here you will find your videos and the recorded sessions for you to revisit at a later stage! Intermediate Seabird Workshop During this workshop you'll learn simple construction and finishing techniques to achieve your design aims. Course Level Intermediate  The Seabirds Workshop is designed for Intermediate students who are looking to move away from following step by step kits and create their own work. Explore realistic or fibre led and more illustrational finishing techniques. It is essential that you have a moderate level of needle felting experience and have completed at least one 4* course or equivalent. If in doubt please get in touch! Skills Taught During this workshop, you will learn Practical design considerations, Alternative finishes, Posing Finishes techniques and embellishments. Feather options Wet Felting Materials 250gms of carded slivers - Corriedale or similar Mix of colours for beak feet etc. Depending on what you’re making. I have used World of Wool weights given are the absolute maximum you’ll need Body - White Corriedale Slivers bit of Drizzel for shading 5gms Max Wings and Tail - Washed Gotland Curls perhaps 20gms in total plus around 10gms of Drizzel for the Basic shape Beak - less than 5gms each of Catkin, Drizzle, Fog, Windstorm, Bubblegum, Salmon, Eggshell Feat - 10gms - Drizzle and Eggshell Eyes - 1gm - Eggshell, Salmon, Raven and Angelina Tools - Wire Cutters, Clover style three needle tool Single needle tool Three inline tool available from Wingham wool Needles - 38 Star, 38 Twisted for main sculpting, 40 for finishing and the eyes

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