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Rams Head - Full sized

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Making a full sized Ram’s Head See stash list bellow for a list of materials needed. How do I access it? Instantly through the members section on the Stab the Fluff website, you’ll be directed to it at checkout. What happens if I get stuck? No problem just book a one to one available in the the info section of your course. Who’s it suitable for? Suitable for Improvers/Advanced Needle Felters - preferabley have done a couple of my kits/tutorials What will I learn? You will learn to make a sheep‘s head and horns. About proportionality and how measurements work Expression and positioning of eyes, horns etc. to create the look you want. Blending of fibres Mounting options (to avoid it looking like a trophy head) are discussed. Private Facebook group to bounce ideas off eachother. Equipment List Wire Cutters 38* needles and 40s A three inline tool or similar Needle Felting Pad Wire cutters Materials List (Frame) 5m of 1.5 mm galvanised wire (Head)400 gms of white carded wool or batting. A selection of grey through to black carded slivers (Horns) 200gms of dark fawn, small amounts of gingery brown, dark brown and light brown for the horns. 100gms Swaledale Roving for the top coat or natural fleece (preferable). Plus Small amounts of pale sheep skin coloured wool for the nose and around the eye. Amber, dark brown and green for the eyes.

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