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Winking Fox

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This programme is to learn how to make the winking fox which is a fluff academy (4.5* on the Fluff Academy learning scale) You’ll get unlimited access to the video tutorials, the materials list plus the ability to book a one to one tutorial Why video tutorials and not photo instruction? You can take screenshots, stop pause rewind and then have the ability to ask me questions if you want to! What will I learn? Composite armature making Wrapping and building up Shaping Creating character Fibre knowledge Hand blending Reverse Needle Felting You will need Materials for a 35 to 40cm fox 4m x 1.5mm galvanised wire 10 pipe cleaners 100gms White Wool slivers or batting 100gms Fox colour slivers or batting 50gms charcoal black or dark brown slivers or batting for the legs 10gms Natural white for tail and ears 10gms Natural Black for ears and paws Pinch of Black Amber for eye angelina fibre for the eye sparkle Recommended needles 38* 40 for the eye 3 inline tool Wire cutters

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