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Felt Confident Beginners 2024

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Increasing your fibre, felting knowledge and confidence approach kits with confidence to progress to more complicated makes. Through online video tutorials included in the course accessed immediately. group tutorials and one to one sessions once a month. One free online workshop 20% off all kits, online and live workshops Self directed and fully supported through monthly group get together private Facebook group and one to ones. Access to all the stab the fluff video tutorials at your level for a year. Topics covered Basic fibre and tools knowledge Building up Blending Shape making Armatures Building character Wet Felting Dyeing Fibre washing and preparation Tutorials included 1* Total Beginners Unfamiliar with how needle felting works Has absolutely no wool knowledge Wants to ‘have a go’ 1* Video Tutorials Mini Highland Cow (1.5*) Mushroom (1*) 101 needle felting Fibre Knowledge (1*) Mini sheep (1.5*) 2* Beginners Has done at least the ‘Mushroom’ course or equivalent Understands the difference between carded batting slivers and roving Aims To increase basics skill level To be confident to take on any basic kit 2* Video Tutorials Tomtee of Love (2*) Tomtee of hope (2.3*) Robin (2.5*) Robin Wreath (2.6*) Squirrel on a Mushroom (2.7*) 3* Beginner to Intermediate Has completed at least the ‘Squirrel on a Mushroom’ or equivalent Beginning to understand different stabbing techniques Beginning to understand shaping techniques Exploring blending techniques Has used very basic armature eg Tomtee Has included other fibres or materials in the wool Aims Want to understand how to make simple form Wants to learn other kinds of felt making Wants to make bigger more complicated work 3* Video Tutorials Ghost bunny (3*) The Greenman mask Basic (3*) Two Turtle Doves (3.3*) The Greenman mask Freestyle (3.4*) Squirrel on a branch (3.5*) Partridge in a Pear Tree (3.9*) Father Christmas with sack and teddy (3.9*)

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