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Leaping Hare - Tutorial and Group

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45 bite sized video tutorials walking you through each step to create your own needle Felted leaping hare Leaping hare dedicated Facebook group Materials List Pinterest board One to one coaching is available separately (see creative coaching page coming soon) What will I Learn? How to make a lifelike needle Felted leaping hare (around 50cm long) What will I Learn? Making the basic armature, Building and sculpting and mounting techniques, Assessing your style, Posing for lifelike effect Proportionality Making claws Making realistic Eyes Adding Eyelashes and Whiskers Blend wool How to make a realistic looking pelt in a variety of ways. Are materials included? No - A full materials list is included in the pdfs. You will need a minimum of 350 to 400gms of silvers or batting in the base colour plus smaller quantities max 20gms of browns, greys, black and white, 4m of 1.5mm galvanised steel wire, chenille sticks, a roll of 1mm florists wire, silk clay, hair for whiskers and something to mount the work on to. 38* needles and a three needles in a line tool (available from and Who's it for? Intermediate to advanced students with an understanding of the basics of needle felting round an armature, who are developing their style and increasing their skills and who want to make more detailed work

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