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Quarter Sized Sheep

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The Quarter sized sheep is Advanced Course and part of the Fluff Academy- Felt Confident - Advanced Programme (if you go on to join the programme all tutorials already bought will be refunded!) Learn how to make a sheep! Using video tutorials Feedback by drawing on screenshots of work and/or video chat support via bookable link via zoom, messenger, FaceTime or What’s app just put a note in at time of booking if you prefer something other than Zoom. Dedicated Facebook group Who's it for? Intermediate to advanced students with an understanding of the basics of needle felting round an armature, who are developing their style and increasing their skills and who want to make more detailed work What will I Learn? Proportionality Making the basic armature, Building and sculpting Assessing your style, Posing for lifelike effect Proportionality Making hooves and horns Blending wool Materials list All available from world of wool ( you can compare their colours if not!) You’ll need approximately 200 to 250gms of natural white Corriedale slivers 50gms Natural fleece or roving 1.25m wire double cotton covered 3m ( Silk clay for hooves Slivers:- 75cm Fawn - horns 10cm rabbit - fawn 10cm mouse - Roman brown 10cm deer - chestnut 5cm bear - brown 50cm thunder - all greys 20cm drizzle 20cm fog 20cm windstorm 5cm black 5cm eggshell or similar pale pink Sparkle for the eye Bit of Sombrero mustard colour for eye

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Quarter Sized Sheep

Quarter Sized Sheep

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