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Felt Confident - Advanced

  • 365Days
  • 52Steps
Everyone who has completed all steps in the program will get a badge.


5* Advanced to Explorer Has completed a 4.5* tutorial or above Has basic multimedia skills Familiar with proportionality as a concept Familiar with composite armatures Understands how to quickly build up shapes, attach them and blend out Knows basic wet felting with inclusions Aims Starting to want to create their own ideas Understand the deconstruction and reconstruction to create a lifelike sculpture Incorporate more multimedia techniques in to their work Develop an understanding of finishing and mounting Why things ‘work’ How to correct mistakes 5* Video Tutorials and Courses Santa’s Face (5.3*) Holly King (5.5*) Swaledale Ram Head (5.6*) Swimming Otter (5.7*) Leaping Hare (5.9*) Make your own dragon (5.9*) 6* Explorer to Professional Development Has completed level 5 courses or equivalent Understands what fibre to use for wet and needle felting Has used some mixed media techniques Understands blending wool, blending shapes, armature making and basic wet felting Aims Wants to build their own sculpture Wants to find their own style Wants to understand the design process Wants to consolidate their skills Courses Tbc!! Advanced When and how to use a variety of different fibres Human Form Hands Faces Feet Structure - how and when to use armature Relief needle felting with mixed media Adapting tutorials for your own designs Sketch/Idea Books/Journaling Texture in wet and needle felting Mark making on wet and needle felt Dyeing fibr

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