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Felt Confident Intermediate

  • 365Days
  • 33Steps
Everyone who has completed all steps in the program will get a badge.


Video tutorials for Intermediate students 4* 3* Beginner to Intermediate Has completed at least the ‘Squirrel on a Mushroom’ or equivalent Beginning to understand different stabbing techniques Beginning to understand shaping techniques Exploring blending techniques Has used very basic armature eg Tomtee Has included other fibres or materials in the wool Aims Want to understand how to make simple form Wants to learn other kinds of felt making Wants to make bigger more complicated work 3* Video Tutorials Ghost bunny (3*) The Greenman mask Basic (3*) The Greenman mask Freestyle (3.4*) Squirrel on a branch (3.5*) Partridge in a Pear Tree (3.9*) Father Christmas with sack and teddy (3.9*) 4* Intermediate to Advance Has completed Squirrel on branch or equivalent Understands blending wool Understands blending shapes Comfortable using wire/other armature Aims Wants to keep increasing their skill Wants to understand proportionality Wants to create character in their work Start to use other materials in their work Has done basic wet felting 4* Video Tutorials and Courses Unicorn Head (4.2*) Reindeer Head (4.3*) Badger (4.3*) Fire/Rainbow Rooster (4.4*) Sitting Hare (4.5*) Winking Fox (4.6*) Stags Head (4.7*) Kangaroo (4.8*) Quarter Sized Swaledale Sheep (4.9)

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