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Creative Coaching Plan

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Coaching - Sounds swanky but really it’s just us having a chat about your ambitions! Want to go off piste and design and make your own project but not rally sure where to begin? Have you thought about teaching or Exhibiting? Not sure where to go from here and struggling to find your own style? Then I am here to help. Just book a chat and we’ll go from there! Why choose me? Well I’ve been mostly self employed for 27 Years and worked as an artist mostly in all of that time. Exhibited in various places, done commissions, made pieces for hotels private individuals and performance. Worked in Schools, Mental Health Institutions and still teach workshops at Music Festivals like Glastonbury. I know what it’s like to try to start and what it takes to keep going. I have BTECs in 3D Design in Ceramics and Metal and HND Model Making a BA hons in Fine Art and City and Guilds Level 3 in Felt Making. I know my materials and I know my fluff and I can bring your creativity to the for and help you realise your ambitions!

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Creative Coaching Group

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